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Yay! You’re getting married, huge congrats!

I love that somehow you have found your way to my website, but you may still be asking yourself, why have a celebrant wedding?

Because your ceremony should be the highlight of your wedding day, the party-starter. I’m the proud creator of engaging ceremonies, meaning guests aren’t checking their watches to see when the drinks are coming out!

Your ceremony will be written from scratch, to suit the individual needs of every couple, based on your love story, honing in on poignant anecdotes and memories from your lives together that make you laugh and cry happy tears. No cliche definitions of love, just talking about what you love about each other, including any fun, meaningful elements you envision. I embrace all your ideas and make them happen.

I specialise in modern wedding ceremonies that are filled with laughter, are genuinely fun, sincere and have heart-explosive moments. It’s the best job in the world and I get to do it for the most amazing couples and love getting to know you all. So whether you want to glide down the aisle in a traditional white gown or completely throw the rule book out, I make it my mission to have all your ceremony needs covered.

Need a little bit of extra help? I get it that not everyone is a fan of the spotlight, as a presenter I can help anyone who is anxious about public speaking and help you cope on the day, by creating a ceremony that you’re comfortable with and I will always be checking in with you in the lead up. We will get to know each other, we can chat and message as much as you like, so when the big day arrives you’ll feel like your biggest cheerleader and a good friend is standing by your side.

Feel like we’re a good match? Contact me.

Good To Know

Is a celebrant-led wedding legal? The short answer is no. Once you’ve completed the legal formalities or wedding admin at a registry office with two witnesses (short, inexpensive and normally a few days before the actual wedding), you have the freedom to have the beautiful and personalised wedding celebration of your dreams, so your love story can properly shine. A celebrant ceremony gives you complete freedom of choice.

Why You May Need A Celebrant

You married abroad with a select few, but want to have a big wedding celebration with all your family and friends.
Location is important and you want to have a wedding somewhere unlicensed like a vintage cinema or theatre, your parent’s beautiful garden, a rustic setting or barefoot on the beach.
You want full control, no restrictions and that little bit extra, in the shape of an original, bespoke ceremony which is love and laughter filled, that has embraced all your ideas. The opportunities are endless.

A ‘legal ceremony’ is not for you, but showing your commitment to each other in front of your loved ones is

still super important.

You would like a personalised naming ceremony that’s not in a church.

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